Our mission

Our mission at MyFinancePlans is to provide individuals and families with effective yet easy to use personal finance planning tools that empower them to track, plan and take control of all aspects of their finances.

MyFinancePlans templates were developed by the founder in response to a lack of any product on the market, either software or spreadsheet, that could satisfy his need to prepare a personalized financial plan that is accurate and realistic yet flexible and easy to develop and maintain.

Realizing that others have the same need and could benefit from using the spreadsheets he further refined them into the MyFinancePlans spreadsheet templates and made them available to the public at a very low price.

No other product is available that matches MyFinancePlans capabilities to enable the user to easily understand and control their finances.

Our scope

MyFinancePlans does not provide financial planning services. Financial knowledge can be obtained from the many excellent books and articles available in print and online. Financial planning advice, as may be required, should be sought from a professional financial advisor.


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Wow, it surpassed my expectations. It didnt take me long to get started and now I understand exactly where I'm going in life. I can say with full confidence that I can do all the things I want to do in life and still comfortably retire at an early age. I've added every impact I can think of and have run several different senarios. I feel confident and comfortable. Well worth the small price. Thanks!

Dave - Boulder, Colorado

I tried a couple of software packages but they were so inflexible and took to much care and feeding. So I did a search for spreadsheet templates and came up with a ton of stuff, which was OK but was pretty limited. Your product was exactly like what I needed.

Ravinder - Calgary, Alberta