Features Comparison of MyFinancePlans Editions

  Basic Edition Lite Edition Full Edition
Ease versus Detail Easiest Balanced Detailed
Best Suited For Starting, learning or for simple finances Most people/families with typical finances Those needing greatest detail and accuracy
User Guide Included Included Included
Annual Plan with Monthly Breakdown Yes Yes Yes
Lifelong Plan with Line Per Year for Life Yes Yes Yes
Number of Pages in Annual Plan 4 7 10
Number of Pages in Lifelong Plan 5 6 13
Income Types Employment, Business, Pension (after tax only) Employment, Business, Pension Employment, Business, Pension, Investment
Income Detail Self or Self & Spouse (1/4 page) Self or Self & Spouse
(1 page)
Self (1 page) and Spouse (1 page)
Expense Types Not differentiated Regular & Non Regular Regular & Non Regular
Expense Detail 1 page with 8 categories 2 pages, 12 categories 2 pages, 12 categories
Expense Pie Chart No Yes Yes
Cash Flow with Monthly and Yearly Balances Yes Yes Yes
Planned versus Actual Cash Balance chart Yes Yes Yes
Transfers to/from Assets & Liabilities Yes Yes Yes
Banking and Savings Accounts Yes Multiple Multiple
Retirement Plans Combined Self and Spouse Multiple
Education Plans No Yes Yes
Investments In Savings Yes Multiple
Assets Yes Yes Detailed
Liabilities Yes Yes Yes
Net Worth Yes Yes Yes
Consumer Price Indexing (Inflation) No Yes Yes
Present Worth of Future Amounts No Yes Yes
Lifelong Cash Flow Chart Yes Yes (present worth) Yes (present worth)
Lifelong Net Worth Chart Yes Yes (present worth) Yes (present worth)
Easy Adjustment of Indexing and Returns No Yes Yes
Income Tax Handling No – after-tax only Yes – basic Yes – more flexible