Features Comparison of MyFinancePlans Editions

 Basic EditionLite EditionFull Edition
Ease vesus DetailEasiestBalancedDetailed
Best Suited ForStarting, learning or for simple financesMost people/families with typical financesThose needing greatest detail and accuracy
User GuideIncludedIncludedIncluded
Annual Plan with Monthly BreakdownYesYesYes
Lifelong Plan with Line Per Year for LifeYesYesYes
Number of Pages in Annual Plan4710
Number of Pages in Lifelong Plan5613
Income TypesEmployment, Business, Pension (after tax only)Employment, Business, PensionEmployment, Business, Pension, Investment
Income DetailSelf or Self & Spouse (1/4 page)Self or Self & Spouse
(1 page)
Self (1 page) and Spouse (1 page)
Expense TypesNot differentiatedRegular & Non RegularRegular & Non Regular
Expense Detail1 page with 8 categories2 pages, 12 categories2 pages, 12 categories
Expense Pie ChartNoYesYes
Cash Flow with Monthly and Yearly BalancesYesYesYes
Planned versus Actual Cash Balance chartYesYesYes
Transfers to/from Assets & LiabilitiesYesYesYes
Banking and Savings AccountsYesMultipleMultiple
Retirement PlansCombinedSelf and SpouseMultiple
Education PlansNoYesYes
InvestmentsIn SavingsYesMultiple
Net WorthYesYesYes
Consumer Price Indexing (Inflation)NoYesYes
Present Worth of Future AmountsNoYesYes
Lifelong Cash Flow ChartYesYes (present worth)Yes (present worth)
Lifelong Net Worth ChartYesYes (present worth)Yes (present worth)
Easy Adjustment of Indexing and ReturnsNoYesYes
Income Tax HandlingNo – after-tax onlyYes – basicYes – more flexible